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Company benefits

Revenue based financing
on your terms

Set your deal terms while
keeping 100% of
your business

Increase your reach
and brand supporters

Get funded while building
your sales funnel and a
loyal supporter base

Tap into a crowd of
passionate investors

Build your investor base that
can help you raise immediate
and future rounds

Fundraising process

Startwise provides a simple and easy process

Initial review to make sure revenue sharing is a good fit for you.

We check to make sure that all required financial information, background checks have been performed and regulatory requirements have been met. Starwise also helps issuers with document preparation and review as well as escrow accounts.

Create your ‘crowdfunding campaign’, file Form C Disclosure and launch you campaign.

After successful fundraising, make quarterly payments to investors until you have paid back the Investment multiple. Once paid back, you no longer have any applications.

Flexible Fundraising

All-in-one place

Everything is in one place: Bad Actor, Escrow Account, Templates, KYC, AML and repayments.

No upfront costs, Success-based fee

You only pay if you get funded. Your Startwise fee covers all upfront costs, bad actor checks and escrow set up.

Pay-as-you grow

Repayments are based on your sales revenue which gives you the additional freedom you need.

How we stack up

Startwise P2P Loan Merchant Loan Bank &
SBA Loan
Loan Size
Up to $1,000,000 Up to $500,000 Up to $50,000 Up to $1,000,000
Until repaid 1 - 5 years Up to 1 years Varies
No Yes Yes Yes
No Full Full Full
Prepayment Penalty
No No No Yes
Credit Score
No Yes Yes Yes
Startwise P2P Loan Merchant Loan Bank &
SBA Loan

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