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It all started with
a friendship, an idea
and a new legislation…

Grace and Catherine were both working in venture capital in Silicon Valley when they realized that there were better alternative ways to fund a business. Driven by their passion for investment but being non-accredited investors themselves, the two spent their free time brainstorming out-of-the-box investing models to build a new way where small businesses and individuals can potentially profit together.

Blending the Title III of the JOBS Act and revenue sharing was the answer. The new legislation allows new financing models that leverage the crowdfunding capabilities of the Internet. This funding mechanism has been exploding since millennials have entered the economy – and Title III is opening new opportunities to democratize markets by better aligning community and capital. Revenue sharing helps align the interests of investors and entrepreneurs without involving equity, therefore providing an alternative exit strategy.

And this is how Startwise came to life – the platform enables individuals to invest in companies they are passionate about and if companies generate revenue, investors may receive a portion of those amounts. Entrepreneurship keeps evolving, innovation will keep happening – and the finance industry will have to keep up.

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Grace Leung Shing – Cofounder & CEO

When the world presents problems, Grace has answers. She started her career in Stock Trading and Portfolio Management in Emerging Markets followed by Venture Capital in a Silicon Valley Fund. With her experience and coming from an entrepreneurial family, Grace understands the limitations of traditional funding and is uniquely positioned to serve both investors and companies

Catherine Yushina – Cofounder & COO

Every company is said to have a ‘Jack of all trades’, and Catherine is our Jill. She is skilled in operations, partnerships, business risks and public relations. Her professional experience in venture capital in Silicon Valley and running a global startup competition gives her a unique perspective on building companies and identifying opportunitites

Avinash Pitti – CTO

At Startwise, Avi is the Technical Genius; he has worked at numerous companies and his experience ranges from British Petroleum (BP) to Siemens but his areas of focus include Software Integration and Payment Processing. He has lead numerous teams both in the US and India. He has a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago, is a SAP Certified Netweaver Developer and a SUN Certified JAVA Developer.

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