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New Fundraising model where everyone wins
Our crowdfunding platform will enable individuals to invest directly in private
companies and receive a share of the company’s revenue

StartWise makes it possible for companies and investors to profit together.

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  • Get discovered
  • Access to a broader network
  • Possibility of being StartWise fundraising pioneers

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Benefits of revenue sharing loan for companies - Coming Soon

Keep your equity

Raise funds without giving up equity. Pay investors a share of your future revenue until you have paid them a return multiple over their invested capital.

Flexible Terms

Quarterly payments are based on the revenue; there is no personal guarantee and no maturity date. Pay­as­you-grow.

Brand Loyalty

Build a community around the brand and turn investors into brand ambassadors. Your interests are aligned: sales growth.

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Investor Benefits

  • Discover great companies in your region
  • Search for companies based on your values, passion and interests
  • Subscribe and be part of the first investors


Benefits of revenue sharing for investors - Coming Soon

Access to private companies

Invest in private companies based on your preferences, values and interests.

Revenue sharing

No equity valuation issues, no lengthy negotiations and no dilution: everything is simple.

Fast payouts and up to 2x Return

Get quarterly payments until you get paid the return multiple.

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